Yacht Design Database

Over the years yachting magazines have carried reviews of new yacht and boat designs. Some of these have gone on to become classics, others have not.

The Volunteers in the Bartlett Library and Research Centre have trawled through eighteen different titles from as far back as 1891, and have extracted over 14,000 articles about individual boat designs. We donít pretend that this is a comprehensive list because we do not have every copy of every yachting magazine over that period, but we think we have found most of them.

If you want to find details of a design then use the search facility below to check if we have what youíre looking for. If we have, then you can either access the magazine by visiting the Bartlett Library in person, located within the museum in Falmouth with free public access, or alternatively we can send you a copy of the article via email but please note that there will be a handling/post and packing charge of £5 per request, plus 50p per page (scanned or photocopied). To request that an article be emailed to you please click here, quoting as much information as possible. Please note that copies are provided for personal reference only and normal copyright rules apply.

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